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Prodcut Name: Extrusion Blow Molding Machine (PE/PP )
Place of Origin:China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
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  • Fully automatic extrusion PE bottle blow moulding machine

    Plasticating system

    Screw rod form: the equal-space but not the depth.the screw rod is mixed iron-smelting and gradation.
    A: Material: high quality desalinates the structural steel 38CrMoAIA, desalination processing, degree of hardness≥800,brritness≤2 grade

    B: Improve the performance of the plasticating.the energy is more degree saved.

    C: Three group of high efficiency cast-aluminium heater, has warm fan controlling itself, with unerring precision
    Stainless steel hopper, ensuring the materias original on maximum limit
    Opening installs form ,  the disposition auxiliary can be expand,for example: Automatic high-quality goods machine, dryer and so on.
    High efficiency three-phase asynchronous machine, frequency converter controls driving,power is high, Energy conservation and environmental protection,free of void, Hardened reducer drive,reliable and accurate speed control,big torque,making your product plastics unleashed, In greater degree increase your product performance more beautiful,saving energy and efficient.


    Electrical Control System
    Using taiwai EVIEW touch screen,most of  the operation buttons  achieve visual operation, integration, convenient .if you make  error , a warning message pop up at any time

    .it helps the operator analyze and identify problems more efficiently.

    PID temperature control modules offer precise temperature control, digital visual adjustment, simple and concise.

    With Japan MITSUBISHI PLC,France Schneider touch ware, taiwan MEANWELL,making your point quickly and in place.
    All the process are semiautomatic or completely automatic, designation,temperture, craft time setting,working pressure,function choice, Plasticating capacity,cycle time, accumulative total Product and so on.changing, retrieval, monitor unit, troubleshooting features are all carried out on the touch screen.

    Adopted the principle of non-touch, it will easy to operate and maintenance of machine

    Hydraulic System
    Using the special proportional hydraulic system ,it is energy saving, fast response, power output of a stable and reliable. ,it also has advantages of low noise, energy saving, reduce the production cost.
    Name brand hydraulic pressure part is input,domestic famous oil pump ,so the power output is stable and reliable.

    In addition, It is a proportional control system, energy efficient, low noise, energy saving, fast, stable and better frequency response. The price is reasonable, cost-effective than similar products in other countries


    Mould head control system:
    It is mainly formed by blow head ,blow head heater,mouth mould , mouth mold core and Thermo-element
    The central feeding module, eliminates the product to collect the vanishing line thoroughly, trims does not have expects in turn,that the marterial is completely used .the products are very beautfull.
    Stainless steel heating coil is used ,and the temperature is controlled in±1%.At the same time ,do not worry about the products thickness difference.
    Blow head is made in special stainless steel, mirror polished inside ,the products performace
    Smooth and bright.

    Opening installs size: two or more Blow head has been expanded.
    Besides,if the capacity of the products has moore ,,the thinckness controller can be used,by controlling it ,we can know the thickness of the products , improving the rate of finished products,also saving material.
    Manipulator takes the products in speed, improving the working efficiency,operating safty and convenient.
    PLCAutomatic temperature control module,saving manpower and electric power,achieving fully automated. it can be satisfied for customers remand in a greater degree. the product productivity has a big enhancement.


    Mold opening and closing system
    Including Before and after the template,main cylinder, Synchronizing gear.
    Adopt system of three- point balance opening-closing inlet, rectangular and cylindrical ball bearing guide+ shifting inlet system of column guide unit, strong power of closing inlet with steady stress and small deformation ,furthermore, perfect rapid and stooth transfer speed, ,aslo it has many shapes ,it was satisfied with all of the customers different esthetic viewpoint,because the products extenality beautfull and tidiness,many shapes and affordable.


    Blowing system

    It is mainly formed by the blow-pin frame, inflatable tank, blow-pin. Blow pin cooling water, the composition of the airway.
    using a separate method of blowing, high-responsive valve control, forming rapidly.


    The part of the cutter

    High resistance cutter, high speed heat up ,high speed gas Cylinder ,high speed cutt material,with automatism mould head action,reduce tremor grain as the cutter produce
  • Model no EBM-5L
    Max. Container capacity 5L
    Number of die 2 SET
    Output 800-1000 PCS/HR
    Machine dimension 3.4×2.0×2.5 M
    Total weight 4 TON
    Clamping force 68 KN
    Platen opening stroke 150-500 MM
    Platen size 320×370 MM
    Max mold size 350×370/238×600 MM
    Mold thickness 135-300 MM
    Screw diameter 70 MM
    Screw l/d ratio 24:1 L/D
    Extruding volume 100-120 KG/HR
    Number of heating zone 3-5 ZONE
    Total power 25 KW
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