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Prodcut Name: Water Treatment(Reverse Osmosis RO-3T )
Place of Origin:China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
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  • Description :
    The machine is integrated into a group,the assembly and transportation are rather convenient.
    The structure of the machine is reasonable,its shape is elegant and good looking.
    Main components:RO films (U.S.A),high pressure pump(GLANF,Denmark)
    Electricity conduction meter(Taiwan)
    Over high or over low pressure protection facilities imported from Korea.
    Stainless steel (imported from Japan)
    Suitable for investment for mid-scale&small-scale enterprises
    The standard of supplied water
    Electricity conduction rate :nor more than 10us/cm
    Bacteria No.:not more than 20
    Fully comply with the national standard GB17303-1998 for pure water .
  • Model no RO-3T
    Capacity 380V
    Power 4.6KW
    Pre treatment Net weight 2200×650×2200
    Pre treatment Dimension 300KG
    RO Net weight 2070×1050×1860
    RO Dimension 320KG
    The desalination rate 98%
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