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  • The automatic liquid packing machine is fully automated operation, it can achieve product packing assembly line work, and improving production efficiency and significantly reduce product cost.
    The vertical small packaging machine conforms to the food processing machinery’s sanitation standard. On the machine, the spare part which contacts the material and pouch conforms to the standard of food sanitation request on material processing, food health and security guarantee.

    1. With the function auto filling, measuring, bag forming, code printing, sealing and cutting. Bag-making system adopts step motor with high precision .
    2. Controller adopts Chinese or English displaying, can see the working conditions directly. 
    3. With intelligent photoelectric controller system.
    4. Machine body full of 304 stainless steel.
    5. Adjusting of  filling volume is by pump .
    6. Good visibility with side-open protective platens, operate safely. 
    7. Adopt the newest hopper sets, easy to adjust and clean, no need adjust again after clean, so that can improve working efficiency. 
    8. This machine is suitable for the packing of granule products, bag can choose from 3-side or 4-side seal or back seal according to customer needs. 
    9. Ribbon printer is addable according to customer needs, which can print one to three lines. letter, date of produce and batch number.
    10. The Bag Former: The bag width is different , the former is different.
    11. The Bag Length :Could be set on the Operate Interface .

  • Model LPM480-4
    Lanes number 4~6 lanes
    Capacity 10--40 bags/min/lane
    Bag size L:120--400mmW:35-60mm
    Film width Max.480mm
    Film thickness 0.05--0.1mm
    Sealing type 4 sides sealing
    Control system PLC+Servo+Touch screen
    Power supply 1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V/4.5KW
    Air consumption 0.8 MPA 0.8m3/min
    Dimension 1555*1686*2800mm
    Weight 550kgs
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